From Google Reviews - December 2018

My mom recently got her partial dentures done at the Sunset Denture Clinic. We found Dr. Gerry to be very professional and friendly. He really spent time explaining everything to my mom who is hard of hearing. My mom was very happy with the end result. We recommend Dr. Gerry to anyone who requires dentures done. Nasreen

From Yellow Pages Reviews - August 2018

I needed new partial dentures and Sunset Denture Clinic gave me the best care and service. Gerry is very competent from start to finish. He listened attentively to my concerns and considered my input as to how my new dentures would look like. He clearly explained things and he made me comfortable during the whole process. Claire, his receptionist is the best. She is very friendly, accomodating and supportive all throughout. I'm so happy with my new partials and I highly recommend this clinic. IS

From Google Reviews - July 2018

My mother in law long time dentist had removed her last remaining upper teeth and left her with an unusable old denture. She was unable to eat and was told to blend/drink all her food for the next 3-4 month until the area healed and was ready to make new denture. I was so upsets and mad at the dentist how could they be so inattentive and unreasonable. Then a friend had referred me to Gerry😊. I was so grateful and happy that he was able to arrange a sooner appointment and was able to make my mother in laws denture sooner. Gerry informed me that next time I could of had a set made before getting all her teeth pulled out so she didn’t need to go through that ordeal. Gerry was very informative and went through each steps and process with us and answered all our questions and doubles regarding dentures. He had gentle hands and made sure the dentures looked as realistic and great as possible. I would highly recommend his clinic for any denture needs. Eren

From Google Reviews - August 2018

Jerry is a friendly and caring person toward his patients, your comfort is his concern. My personal opinion is that he is a competent technician. Norris

From Google Reviews - July 2018

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Gerry and his friendly receptionist Claire to have a denture relined. I called early in the morning and, given the circumstances, Gerry had me come in right away, did the job and refitted me later the same day. Service doesn't get better. Gerry is compassionate and professional. He cares for his clients and provides a first rate product. Highly recommended. Sam

From Google Reviews - August 2017

Gerry Lee-Kwen is a perfectionist in his practice and a gentleman with his patients. Our elderly aunt had put off getting major work done until she had no choice. Gerry put her at ease on the first visit and has been so kind to her at every appointment. He took the time to explain what needed to be done, gave her a few options and patiently walked her through every stage of the procedure, so that she felt at ease and comfortable in his care. His receptionist is also very kind, welcoming and supportive in her role. Can't thank Sunset Denture Clinic enough for making the experience for my aunt a 5/5. I think she would return just to visit once her appointments are over! Noreen and Judy